THEA Test Preparation

Preparation Materials for Internet-Based Testing

THEA Interactive Practice Test

The online THEA Practice Test includes test questions, a writing sample prompt, and directions similar to what you'll see on the day of the test. It provides immediate feedback on your performance and can be a valuable aid for determining your readiness to take the THEA Test. Feedback includes detailed explanations for each correct response to the multiple-choice questions, along with sample responses and scoring information for the written assignment. There is currently only one version of the practice test. Practice tests can only be submitted once.


THEA Online Study Guide

An interactive online study guide is available to help you prepare for the THEA IBT. You may purchase a study guide that focuses on one section of the THEA, or a guide to help you prepare for all three sections of the THEA.

$8.00 for Reading, Mathematics, or Writing
$20.00 for all three fields